International Capacity Development

Training & Advisory Services Respect Local Cultures

Contract & Project Management Training and Advisory Services

GEC has developed proven, results-oriented approaches to implementing capacity development initiatives in challenging international environments. The challenges of improving the execution of operational and administrative business processes in war torn populations, developing nations, and newly industrializing countries are significant.

Identifying and managing the risks associated with capital intensive projects from the feasibility stage through engineering, procurement, materials management, construction and operations in many cases seems insurmountable. Improving operational and administrative process execution in governmental units facilitates better delivery of essential services to its citizens.

GEC’s training classes, follow-up workshops, and consulting services introduce practical techniques to prepare client resources to move forward and sustain improvements.

GEC’s training courses have been successfully presented to clients in private industry and government/ministry sectors such as Construction, Manufacturing, Municipalities and Public Works, Water Resources, Agriculture, Electricity, and Oil & Gas in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and North America. GEC also offers training and consulting services in Business Process Analysis, Modeling & Management (BPA/M) in such areas as accounting/finance, procurement, contract management, construction management, facility outage planning & control, maintenance planning/control, materials management, estimating, scheduling, information technology, and document/records management.

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