Chart Your Course for Success – Transition from “Current State” to “Future State”

Strengthen Contract/Project Management Systems & Procedures

Design & Implement Effective Anti-Corruption Programs

Training & Advisory Services for International Capacity Development

Global Enterprise Consulting, LLC

Serving clients in commercial and government sectors worldwide, Global Enterprise Consulting (GEC) can help you manage the critical success factors that affect your bottom line and operational efficiency. We’ll help you utilize analysis techniques to identify areas where change is needed, design those changes, and select the best technology to optimize business process deployment and execution.

GEC is a business process and information technology consulting firm that provides premiere services to its valued clients nationally and internationally, with an emphasis on teaming, collaboration, and partnership. We’re excited to start sharing ideas that address your biggest concerns today.

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Take The Reins of Performance Improvement

Improvement begins with a fundamental understanding of the process “Current State”. GEC will help your organization move to greater efficiencies in process execution in a “Future State”.

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Build the Arc When the Sun is Shining

Capital projects have numerous inherent risks. GEC will help your organization define, then implement the organizational, contractual, and procedures approaches necessary to manage the cost, schedule, and technical baselines of complex projects.

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It’s Not What You Suspect… It’s What You Inspect!

Successful anti-corruption initiatives go beyond traditional legislative, judicial, and investigative efforts. GEC will help your organization incorporate transaction level visibility, expose “Nodes of Corruption”, and strengthen internal control.

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Learn from the Past… Build the Future

Capacity development in war torn, disaster stressed, newly industrializing, and developing nation states is challenging. GEC is ready to help with training and program implementation in areas of accounting, contract/project management, information technology tools, procurement efficiency, feasibility analysis, process, and operational control.

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