GEC Launches International BPM COE & Anti-Corruption Knowledge Site

Global Enterprise Consulting (GEC) is proud to announce the launch of its International Business Process Management Center of Excellence & Anti-Corruption Knowledge Sharing Site (BPMCOE). The BPMCOE is a secure, private internet platform that functions as a collaboration forum and networking site for GEC clients, practitioners, research organizations, education institutions/universities, special invitees, and subscribers. The BPMCOE enables and facilitates file sharing and collaboration among individual members and project level work groups from anywhere in the world via secure internet connectivity with 99.999999% uptime performance.

All data and information are encrypted and backed up simultaneously in multiple locations and archived for future retrieval. Files and documents may be access restricted at user discretion as standard features. Members may freely download and upload files and documents, work offline if desired, and “auto synch” material upon login with full version control. The site is also a forum for directly accessing valuable links to international websites and incorporates conferencing capabilities, as well as serving as a repository for white papers, reference documents, news, and BPM/Anti-corruption guides. BPMCOE is currently utilized by resources at individual and project levels in Europe, the US, and the Middle-East to manage business process analysis & improvement efforts, conduct training, and design & implement anti-corruption programs.

GEC is a business process analysis/improvement and IT technology consulting firm that provides quality services to its valued clients both nationally and internationally. GEC focuses on improving business process execution; operational effectiveness; risk assessment; design & implementation of anti-corruption programs; and institutional training. GEC deploys its resources globally, having worked in Asia, Eastern & Western Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa.