GEC Conducts BPM Training for Afghani Attorney General’s Office

GEC is proud to announce joining a distinguished team of top tier professionals to train Attorney General Office (AGO) resources in Afghanistan to use Business Process Management (BPM) approaches and methodologies as a tool used in auditing, investigations, forensics, and anti-corruption initiatives. Teaming as a sub-contractor to UNISHKA Research Services, one of the prominent global Anti-Corruption consulting firms, together with several universities; the group will provide training and implementation of Anti-Corruption Programs, including the Rule of Law, Systems Integrity Assessments (SIA), and BPM disciplines. The combination of “top down” governance policies and “bottom up” transaction level process discipline and efficiency will strengthen the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) capacity to assess, analyze, and design/implement practical and results-oriented corruption mitigation measures.

GEC will conduct a series of BPM Workshops for the AGO staff to document and analyze operational and administrative processes while recognizing cultural traditions and practices. “Building capacity and enhancing the skill sets will facilitate improvements in process efficiency and mitigate corruption activities, ultimately yielding benefits to Afghani citizens”, says Robert E. Ross. Managing Director of GEC. Jeff Coonjohn, President of UNISHKA, added “you must address processes, it’s the only way.” GEC will utilize its new online classroom facility in consort with a similar facility in Kabul.