GEC Awarded AMANAT BPM Contract – MSI/USAID . . . .

GEC has won a contract bid with Management Systems International (MSI)/USAID to “Mitigate Corruption Risks in Afghan Government Institutions using Business Process Reengineering” as part of the AMANAT Project in Afghanistan. GEC consultants will team with MSI resources to train teams within government ministries and institutions, as well as Afghanistan’s Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring & Evaluation Committee (MEC), to use Business Process Management (BPM) tools and methods to analyze, then reengineer business functions and operational/administrative processes. The objective is to establish sustainable centers of excellence and resources within the ministries and institutions to improve efficiencies in process execution for the delivery of services to citizens and to mitigate corruption associated with the expenditures of public and commercial funds.

AMANAT is a $34 million USAID project that supports the Afghan government’s efforts to reduce and prevent corruption in government public services. The program will help the government identify vulnerabilities to corruption in the provision of public services and strengthen its capacity to proactively implement anti-corruption reforms. Additionally, it will strengthen civil society’s role in assessing the government’s efforts, keeping officials accountable to the public.

MSI, a Tetra Tech company, has helped solve complex development challenges for more than 30 years, often in areas torn by hunger and violence. MSI projects help to stabilize environments emerging from conflict, improve government accountability, and bolster civil society by building capacity and ensuring sustainability. MSI’s Transparency and Accountability Practice area works with stakeholders to improve accountability, realign incentives to ensure integrity, simplify operational and administrative procedures, shift social attitudes, and foster an environment to reduce corruption and strengthen the rule of law in society.